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Have you ever used a tool that was so powerful and impressive you just had to tell the world about it? Well, that just happened to me the other day and it was so spectacular it prompted me to finally write my first blog post, which mind you has been something I’ve talked about doing for well over a year now.

Before I go into the tool itself, let me ask you the following questions: Have you ever tried to rollup the total number of Contacts to an Account? Or possibly attempt to roll up Opportunities that have a close date greater than today? Maybe you would like to rollup the Contract types to an Account’s multi-picklist field? Perhaps, you created a lookup field and wanted to rollup the details of that relationship but found out that is impossible out of the box as well. Well if you answered yes to any these questions, then read on because there is help.

Fire up a Developer org and take a look at Andy in the Cloud’s “Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary Tool“, and you will never feel the pain of rollup limitations again. The installation was quick and easy, it can be installed directly from GitHub, and creating new rollups is as simple as creating a new Contact record. Once you have created your first Lookup Rollup Summary record and clicked that magic button, you will be amazed and will agree that this Tool is like having a Developer in a Box.

The best part, it is open source so other incredibly smart community members like yourself have and can continue to contribute to making this tool even more powerful than it is today!

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