Blazing the Salesforce Trails

Learning all things has become a hobby of mine over the last couple of years. After taking the Admin 201 course I was hooked, I started working through any workbook I could get my hands on as well as listening to podcasts from 2009 and actually reading through all of the different guides. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the workbooks but if anyone today would ask me what the best way to learn Salesforce is, the answer is simple — Trailhead!

Trailhead is a FREE interactive learning tool, where you can earn badges and points while expanding your knowledge of the vast capabilities of the Salesforce1 platform. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used or even heard of Salesforce before, this tool can be used by anyone at any level. They currently have 7 different trails that guide you in the most logical order through the platform. The best part is, you get immediate feedback every step of the way.

Each module is made up of several different learning objectives and at the end of each one, is a challenge. Some of the challenges are small multiple choice quizzes, but the majority of the challenges actually have you working in a Developer Org, like mini hands on lab exercises. Here comes my favorite feature of Trailhead, it actually connects to your Developer Org and tells you whether or not you did the challenge correctly. Mind blown!

The other thing I really love about Trailhead, is that they keep adding more modules. I had and still have the goal of earning all of the badges but I can honestly say, I hope that never happens. After our last WI User Group meeting, where we all learned about Trailhead and worked through some modules together, we decided to continue doing Trailhead workshops at our Wisconsin Girly Geeks meet ups. We can all work at our own pace but still have the support of the other Girly Geeks, if we get stuck or have questions.

If you haven’t started using Trailhead yet, my one tip is to make sure you connect with your main Developer Org. In my haste to get started, I thought I needed to login with a new Developer Org but you can actually login with any Developer Org and then use a separate Developer Org to check your challenges.

Happy Trailblazing!

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