Trailhead Projects the Cherry on Top

Just when I thought Trailhead couldn’t get any better, I just recently found out there are also Trailhead Projects. Once again in my haste to earn all the different wonderful badges, I didn’t even realize they existed until just recently when I saw a post from the incredibly awesome @theChrisDuarte. My old boss’s voice is ringing in my head, as he’d always say “attention to detail!”

Of course the link is right there on the main Trailhead page, and if you scroll down, you will see more about projects. Projects are very cool, they are quick start guides that walk you through creating different apps focused on different Salesforce topics. There are currently 6 projects but I’m hopeful this is something they keep adding more of like the badges and trails.

Need a little practice working with Visualforce and Apex: Build a Conference Management App

For some clicks not code development take a look at: Build a Suggestion Box App

Build a Lightning App, again no code required: Quick Start: Lightning App Builder

Ready to dive into building your own Lightning Component: Quick Start: Lightning Components

For testing out the new and very cool Lightning Connect: Quick Start: Lightning Connect

Last but definitely far from least: Quick Start: Lightning Builder

These projects are great for learning, teaching and demo’ing some of the cool new tools that Salesforce has to offer.

1 down 5 to go!

1 down 5 to go!



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