How to sign up for multiple Developer Orgs

At our first Trailhead Workshop yesterday(more about that found here) a very common question came up, how do you sign up for multiple Developer Orgs with only one email address? It’s actually a misconception that your username needs to be a valid email address, you really only need to follow the email format  Awhile back, Ryan Headley @lifewithryan, taught me a cool trick with aliasing your email address with gmail, so that you could use a valid email address. I like this method because it allows me to keep both the email and username the same while also being able to filter my email based on the alias.

Creating an alias in gmail is very simple, let’s say your email address is, to create an alias you simply add a plus sign then an identifier for the purpose of the alias. Using the workshop as an example, you could do something like Another thing I started doing recently was adding a similar identifier to my username, so that I can tell at a glance which Org I am currently logged into.

Having many Developer Orgs can cause some confusion in places like the Success Community and Trailhead, I personally have accidentally logged into the Success Community with 15+ Developer Orgs. I try to be careful when logging into the Success Community but somehow manage to accidentally use the wrong one. I quickly realize it because I only have a photo associated with my primary Developer Org. It is highly recommended that you use a personal Developer Org when logging into the Success Community, so that if you ever leave your company your Identity can follow along with you. There are a couple of highly voted ideas out there(here and here) that I am very hopeful will be implemented but until then here are a couple of suggestions for how to login with your primary Developer Org.

Use a separate browser for your work org from your developer orgs. I like this option for several reasons, the main reason is to ensure you are in your dev org when you are playing with different Salesforce features. Another way is to launch a new incognito window, which will always prompt you for your Salesforce login vs using Single Sign On to log you in. Either way, make sure you only have a picture on one of your profiles and then you can quickly verify after you log in by looking up at the top right hand corner to see your profile pic.

Having many different logins can also cause issues when you are working through Trailhead. I can’t count how many times I got the error stating whatever it was I just created was not found. There are actually two separate logins when working with Trailhead. The login in the top right hand corner is the login for the Org where you want to collect your points and badges, the second login is at the bottom of the page, where you connect to check your challenges. To change the org to be used for the challenge just hover over the key image and click the blue “Log out of Developer Edition” button, then you will see the key again with the following text “Connect to your Developer Edition”. After clicking the button you will be prompted for the login you would like to use.

Log Out of Developer Edition Connect Developer Edition

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