Trailhead Holiday Presents! 2

Projects, modules and trails – oh my! You can imagine my excitement when I logged into Trailhead last night and saw the newly added modules and project. I absolutely love Trailhead and cannot believe how much fun I had earning a couple more badges today. The new project Build a Battle Station App has to hold the record for being the most fun to date! If you need even more incentive, get the above badge by the end of the year and you will be entered to win some really cool prizes!

Out of the 6 new badges I am most looking forward to the Apex Integration Services module. Just last week, I wrote my first very basic REST callout with help from the docs and coincidentally enough, one of Jeff Douglas’s blogs, Restful Web Service Callout Using Post with

Wondering what the 6 new badges are? Technically there are 5, 4 new modules, 1 new project and 1 updated module:

There’s also a new Trail for you Awesome Admins out there, the Admin Advanced Trail!

“If you end your training now — if you choose the quick and easy path as Vader did — you will become an agent of evil.”

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