Salesforce Admin #LightningChallenge

Attention all Salesforce admins new and experienced, Salesforce Admins is hosting their first ever Admin #LightningChallenge which wraps up on Tuesday, November 22, 2016.  Starting Wednesday, November 9, 2016, there will be a new, approximately 20-minute-long challenge posted to each day.  Complete the challenge and post a picture/gif/video to Twitter using the #LightningChallenge hashtag as proof of completion.  When you’re done with each challenge, fill out the completion form (more info here.)

If you complete all 10 challenges, post them to Twitter by the deadline, and fill out their form, it seems there is some Awesome SWAG to be had!

Missed a previous challenge?  No worries! Here are the videos:

Day One (Challenge and Solution)

Day Two     (Solution Here)

Day 3     (Solution Here)

Task:  Create a new custom calendar in Lightning Calendar.

Day 4     (Solution Here)

Task:  Convert a Classic App to Lightning and select your branding and logo.

Day 5     (Solution Here)

Task:  Customize a standard or custom record page using Standard Lightning Components.

Day 6     (Solution Here)

Task:  Customize a home page and assign by Profile.

Day 7     (Solution Here)

Task:  Assign a customized record page to a specific Lightning App.

Day 8     (Solution Here)

Task:  Create a new Lightning Dashboard.

Day 9     (Solution Here)

Task:  Create a new Lightning app page and assign to an app.

Day 10

Task:  Share your favorite lightning feature!

More info on getting started with Salesforce is here: .

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